The BMES Freshman Mentorship Program is designed to guide general engineering students through their first years of college. Freshmen and sophomores, or mentees, are put in a mentorship group composed of current biomedical engineering students who are passionate about helping underclassmen get through their classes and make new friends.

Each week there is either a social or informational meeting where students get to know the ins and outs of biomedical engineering and what the department has to offer. At the informational meetings, mentors and other biomedical engineering students speak about topics related to biomedical engineering and give the “inside scoop” on how their experiences have helped shaped their decisions in college. The possible topics for the informational meetings include graduate school, resumes and elevator pitches, medical school, internships and co-ops, shadowing, and much more. The social meetings serve as a way for the mentees to really get to know each other and the mentors while taking a small break from their hectic class schedules for an hour.

The mentors in the group serve as the go-to people in the major for the mentees and are there to answer any questions that mentees might have. Once the Entry to a Major applications open, the Mentorship Program hosts an Application Review Workshop where mentors and BMEN advisors review essays and help students with their applications to get into biomedical engineering. Being a part of the mentorship program not only serves as a resume and ETAM application booster, it helps freshmen make friends with similar interests as them to help them make the transition into BMEN a little easier.

The meetings are at 6:00 p.m. in ETB 1003 on Monday nights.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, click here!

-Andrea Brunal
Mentorship Program Chair ’17-’18