Vice President

 Kevin Kmetz  Courtney Shrode
Courtney Shrode
Kevin is a senior in the biomechanics track but dabbled in biomaterials during three semesters in Dr. Melissa Grunlan’s polymeric biomaterials lab. He has been a member of BMES since 2015, and served previously as Social Co-Chair. He currently acts as the president of BMES. He plans to pursue a product development role in orthopedic device design following graduation.
Courtney Shrode is a senior in the bioinstrumentation track. She has experience in two laboratories at Texas A&M: Dr. Melissa Grunlan’s polymeric biomaterials lab, where she wrote an undergraduate thesis on incorporating electrospun fibers into ultrastrong hydrogels, and Dr. Clubb’s Cardiovascular Pathology Lab, where she served as an undergraduate researcher with a focus in imaging. Courtney has been a BMES member since 2016 and served previously as treasurer.



Onur Erdemir Amanda Rokoski
person Amanda R
Onur is a senior mechanical engineering major also minoring in biomedical engineering.
Amanda is a junior working to enter into the biomaterials track. She is an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Alge’s Bio-instructive Materials Laboratory developing three-dimensional, tissue-engineered models for the human extracellular matrix to be utilized for in vitro experimentation. Amanda has been a BMES member since 2016, the chair of the BMES Journal Club (also called “L.A.B.R.A.T.S”: Learning About BMEN Research and Technology Studies), and is now the treasurer for BMES. She plans to pursue a PhD in Biomedical engineering for a career in research.

Corporate Liaison


Steven Jokerst Kevin Meraz
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Kevin is currently a Sophmore at Texas A&M. His passion and interest in biotechnology and bio enhancments have led him to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering. It is his firm belief that biotech is the key to the future. During the summer of 2017 he worked an internship at Texas Wesleyan University researching gold nanoparticles and their medical applications. He has been a member of BMES since 2017.

Public Relations Chair

Director of Freshman Programs & Mentorship Program Chair

Amanda Gibbens Andres Machado
GroupMe_2018722_23586 Andres
Amanda is a senior in the Bioinstrumentation track. She is an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Cote’s Optical Biosensing Laboratory working on a point-of-care device for malaria diagnosis in developing countries. She has spent time in Rwanda repairing medical equipment and helping to develop technologies and well-trained hospital staff. Amanda has been an active BMES member since 2016. She plans to work in clinical engineering and to pursue a ME/MBA dual degree.
Andres Machado is a senior studying in the Bioinstrumentation track. He has studied rotary jet spinning methods of production for bioscaffolds in the AggiE-Challenge, and is currently doing research under Dr. Jo in detecting a patient’s heartbeat with a low-cost camera. Andres’ future plans include working in the medical imaging industry with a special interest in MRI. He moved from Venezuela at 10 years old and has been living in the United States ever since.

Social Co-Chair

Social Co-Chair

Angel Ayala Xuan Tran
GroupMe_2018722_23580 person
Angel Ayala is a sophomore working to enter into the Biomaterials track. He has been an officer in BMES since his freshman year and is working with Dr. Kaunas to assist as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in his Cellular Biomechanics Lab.



 Vice Director of Freshman Programs & Journal Club Chair

Julio Arroyo